The Christmas Spirirt is all around . . .

It's been the 25th festival which is run every year on the 2nd weekend of December. It's such a nice event to lighten us up, to keep Christmas spirit at this special time of the year. I love walking around to see the festive decorations all the neighbors put up. There is one prize "The house of the year" to compliment someone on his impressive Christmas decorations which pick up most visitors attention. It's not just because of the prize, the neighbors want to keep the tradition and make our neighborhood as special as it should be.

The city policemen were here to block the streets and watch out for us so it's safe and fun. There are so many music bands who play different kind of music. Most of neighbors open their houses so everyone can come over, have a little talk or have a drink. The residents also invite their friends from other city/county to come and celebrate the festival. It is a huge crowd and everyone is behaved.

I still remember I had down jacket and fur boots on when we joined the crowd last year. Last weekend was warm enough for me to dress up with short skirts and now it's freeeeee….zingggg 😆 …

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